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About the Vikan ACME Euro Thread Adapter

This adapter threads onto Euro-threaded water fed poles and converts them to the standard ACME thread. With this tool, your water fed pole can now accept standard brushes, angle adapters, and dusting tools.

Connect this handy tool to your XERO Standard Angle Adapter for reaching deep sills, air conditioners, solar panels, and sunroofs with your water fed brush.

The RHG Reach Around Gooseneck is also a great accessory for dual-cleaning action. Connect this to the Vikan ACME Euro Thread Adapter, your water fed brush, and a squeegee, or mop if you'd like, and enable the ability to simply flip your water fed pole around and alternate the cleaning actions for your workflow.

If you need some extra length, connecting your Vikan Adapter to the XERO Extended Water Fed Angle Adapter will provide you with 6-inch, 9-inch, or 1 foot of extra length to reach your cleaning needs. This neat adapter from XERO extends the reach of your water fed brush far beyond the standard angle adapter, and also allows you to reach deep-set sills.

This handy tool is small and perfect for storing in your bucket for when you need to adapt your Euro-threaded poles.



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