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Regular price $59.81 USD
Regular price $59.81 USD Sale price $59.81 USD
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About the Unger VisaVersa Pro:

Introducing the all-new Unger VisaVersa Pro! Making a triumphant return with a revamped and enhanced design, this specialty squeegee is sure to revolutionize your cleaning routine and save you time on the job. 

Like the original VisaVersa, this combination tool unites a stainless steel “S” channel and a washer strip into one powerful device. However, one of the key factors that truly distinguishes the Pro from its predecessor is the innovative flip, follow, and split function.

How it works:

Flip: The flip is the most common way to use the VisaVersa Pro. Simply wash the glass with the sleeve, and then flip the tool to use the squeegee on the other side.

Split: The split function allows you to remove the squeegee, separating the VisaVersa into two different tools that can be used individually.

Follow: For all the advanced window cleaners out there, the follow function allows users to use the VisaVersa Pro in one movement so that you can wash and squeegee at the same time.

Other features:

Say goodbye to boring stripwasher sleeves. The VisaVersa Pro utilizes a high water retention microfiber pad so you don't have to make as many trips to the bucket. These pads feature two loops that hook onto the curved washer, enabling speedy attachments and removals. Additionally, these lightweight pads are reusable, just throw them in the wash after use. 

Achieve effective glass cleaning with the easy glide of the removable squeegee. It features a quality stainless steel "S" channel and includes a strip of soft rubber. To separate the squeegee from the washer, open the quick-release clamp and slide the squeegee out. 

In addition to being available in three different sizes, you can also easily attach the VisaVersa Pro to your telescopic pole with the ErgoTec XL Handle. This nonslip handle was designed with a comfortable grip for fatigue-free work.

For a versatile window cleaning tool like no other, be among the first to experience the Unger VisaVersa Pro.


  • Two tools in one: squeegee and washer
  • High water retention microfiber pad
  • Removable squeegee
  • Saves time on the job
  • Ergonomic design
  • Nonslip handle
  • Unger stainless steel "S" channel
  • Soft rubber
  • Three cleaning modes: Flip, Follow, and Split
  • Three sizes to choose from

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