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About the Unger TelePlus Pole System

The Unger TelePlus Pole System allows you the flexibility of starting small and growing your pole as you grow your business. Anodized Aluminum poles can reach heights from 12' to 30'. These lightweight poles are easy and safe to handle even when fully extended. 6' extensions can be purchased when you are ready to add length to your pole.

TZ370 TD550 TV750 TF900
Manufacturer Part NumberTZ370

Questions & Answers

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  • Does all your equipment etc(squeegees, and scrubbers work on this pole?)

    Great question! Most of the extension pole compatible tools we offer will work well with this pole tip either by a pressure fit, or locking into place with the button on the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone that comes standard with this pole. 

  • Is this pole telescopic extension please help

    Yes, telescopic means the pole collapses into itself. However, you can add to it like a modular pole.

  • How do you know what squeegee will be compatible with the pole?

    Always check the pole tip the pole comes with. This tip is compatible with every squeegee handle we offer via locking, or pressure fit.

  • What is needed to adapt a Ettore squeegee to this pole. Thanks.

    Hi there, this tool won't be able to lock on, but it will be able to pressure fit and hold firmly onto the Unger TelePlus Pole.

  • Will the Sorbo scrubbers and squeegies fit this pole?


  • Are the Moerman squeegees compatable with the Unger Telepole? Are there extra parts required for those products to work together?

    Yes they are compatible. Nothing extra is needed.


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