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About the Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber System

If you love the Unger Stingray, but prefer to use your own cleaning solution, you're in luck! Unger has released the new refillable system, so you're no longer limited to the Stingray pouches. Fill up the 5-ounce bottle with whichever glass cleaner you love!

Clean indoor windows without drips and from the safety of the ground. The extension poles allow you to quickly modify the length of your unit for each job.

The microfiber pads feature looped pile with long microfiber which is excellent for eliminating heavy dirt and grime. These pads are designed for up to 300 wash cycles before you need to replace them. The spray nozzle is enclosed to keep chemicals from becoming airborne.

Clean up to 25% faster with 39% fewer chemicals on indoor glass, mirrors, and windows. Use a 50-50 mixture DI water and rubber alcohol or your favorite cleaning solution.

Check out what is included in each kit below:

Product Name Extension Pole Short Extension Pole Long Refillable 5oz Bottle Deep Cleaning Pad
Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber System - 3 Foot 1 0 2 2
Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber System - 5 Foot 0 1 2 2
Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber System - 10 Foot 1 2 2 2
Unger Stingray Refillable Microfiber System - Replacement Head Only 0 0 0 0
Manufacturer Part NumberSRKB6


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  • Is there a need of detailing the edges and corners of the windows?

    The triangular shape helps get into the corners of windows. Keep in mind that this system is for indoor use only.

  • Are there extensions for this product to make it longer than 10 feet?

    We do not recommend adding extensions past 10 feet.

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