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Regular price $37.95 USD
Regular price $37.95 USD Sale price $37.95 USD
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About the Unger nLITE Scrubber

Experience unmatched cleaning power with the Unger nLITE Scrubber, designed for seamless integration with nLITE Gen 2 telescopic pole systems with the oval-shaped angle adapters. Engineered to tackle dirt and residue that challenge your water-fed brushes, this scrubber is your go-to solution for pristine windows every time.


Crafted with a durably built pad holder and abrasive scrubbing pad; bird droppings, insect residue, and stubborn deposits are no match to this tool. Featuring a curved surface area, this scrubber ensures optimal contact with the window surface for thorough cleaning.

For targeted scrubbing power, simply rotate the pad holder by loosening the yellow locking screw and turning the scrubber around to utilize the tip of the pad for particularly stubborn spots.

With your purchase of the Unger nLITE Scrubber, you'll receive a 5-pack of abrasive scrubber pads designed to excel at removing adhering dirt.

How to Use

Using the Unger nLITE Scrubber is a breeze – start by mounting the included abrasive scrub pad to the holder. Open the pad holder by loosening the yellow locking screw, then tightly insert the pad by wrapping it around the surface area of the holder, ensuring the ends are tucked in underneath, and tighten the screw back up.

Next, attach the scrubber to your nLITE pole by sliding it onto your Gen 2 oval-shaped angle adapter and placing it into your pole. Lift the green smart lock clamp for flexible adjustment of the working angle, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience during use.

If you need help determining whether the Unger nLITE Scrubber is compatible with your equipment, reach out to our product specialists here.

*Check surface sensitivity to scratches before starting work

**This product is only compatible with the Carbon Composite and 24K poles, and the nLITE Gen 2 Angle Adapters with the oval shape.


  • Removes stubborn dirt and grime
  • Curved shape for greater contact
  • Locking screw for easy pad installation
  • Compatible with the oval nLITE Gen 2 Angle Adapter, the Carbon 24K pole, and the Carbon Composite pole
  • Adjustable working angle
  • Includes 5 abrasive scrubbing pads

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