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About the Unger HydroPower Ultra Replacement Parts

Get the replacement parts you need for your Unger HydroPower Ultra System today and keep cleaning windows with pure water. Use the chart to discover which part or parts you need. Already know the product name or part number? You can find it below.

Identifier Product Name Part Number
A Water Out Connection with O-Ring 21064
B Water Out Hose Connection 18481
C FloWater Unit 21066
D Water In On/Off Connection 21065
E O-Rings and Care Resolution Kit 21063
F Top Cap Assembly 21071
G TDS Meter 21151
H Water In Hose Connection 21504


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  • Water hose connection with O ring. I ordered this exact part for and it doesn’t lock in place. So when you turn the water on the pressure just shoots it off. Is there a smaller on something different i am missing.

    Hey there, if you are connecting it to a hose and it's popping off, try pushing it farther in enough for it to lock. If you end up still having trouble, please give us a call and our specialists can help you out!

  • Hi! I am curious to know if the inlet and outlet fixings are compatible between the original Hydropower DI tanks and these newer Hydropower Ultra tanks. I believe those are A, H or D in the diagram. Thanks.

    Yes all the fittings are the same sizes.

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