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About the Unger HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage Resin

Don't run out of resin in the middle of a job. Pick up some quick replacement bags to keep on hand for a super fast swap. These premium resin bags fit the Unger HydroPower Ultra 1 Stage Systems. Choose from just one bag or a set of three to stock up. A convenient handle allows you to swap bags with ease. Consult your TDS meter to know when the resin is exhausted and needs replacing.

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  • Will this fit the original nlite canister?

    No it will not. Search 'unger resin' and you'll see the right one

  • Will this resin bag fit in the original nlite Hydropower unit?

    No it will not. We have the new resin bags in stock. Search 'unger resin and you'll see it

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