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About the Unger HydroPower Resin Bag

The patented resin bags from Unger are specifically designed to be used with the HydroPower DI systems. Quick and easy to change in seconds compared to loose resin. The design of the bag decreases channeling and optimizes the resin's longevity. They come in a handy pail for storage and transportation in your truck!


  • Single: One small pail with bag
  • 2 Pack: Two small pails with bag
  • 4 Pack: Four small pails with bag
  • 4 Pack, No Pail: Four bags in a box
HPB06 HPB06x2 HPB24 DIB84
Manufacturer Part NumberHPB06


Ask a Question
  • How can the used resin be disposed? Is it hazardous waste?

    Exhausted resin can be safely disposed of in the trash.

  • What's the shelf life of these bags?

    Hi there, the shelf life for all resin is 1 year. It is important to keep it sealed in the bag it comes in until you are ready to use it.

  • I have nlite bags in my double tier hydropower right now, can I switch to the cartridges or do they fit?

    There are no cartridges. HydroPowers must be used with the HydroPower Resin Bags.

  • How many pounds of DI In each Bag?

    Thanks for posting this question. Unger resin bags weigh 11lbs each.

  • How much resin is in each bag?

    There is about 1/3 cuft in each bag.

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