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About the Unger ErgoTec Ninja StripWasher Sleeve

With both extraordinary water retention and scrubbing power, the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Stripwasher Sleeve, is a perfect blend of the Monsoon and Microstrip washer sleeves.

Unique in its design, it features two abrasive pads on either end for scrubbing stubborn spots. An elastic loop and Velcro strap securely fasten the sleeve to the T-Bar.

Comes in 10", 14", 18", 22", and 30".

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  • I’m assuming this is safe to use on tempered glass and tint (including Low E) ?

    Yes, but always test a spot before scrubbing vigorously.

  • Regular detergent and hot water in the washing machine okay for these guys?

    Yes it is safe to use.

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