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Titan Laboratories

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About the Titan Glass Gleam Solar Cleaner

Titan Glass Gleam Solar will not harm glass panels, plastics, or metals. With properties similar to Glass Gleam 4, but with features more suited for cleaning panels. (less slip, more detergent, and highly concentrated). This concentrated solution is becoming one of the most effective solar cleaners on the market. It is also Green Certified.


  • Balanced pH
  • Kind to hands
  • Environmentally friendly super-concentrate
  • Superb results for all glazed panels and solar cells
  • Restores photovoltaic efficiency
  • 1/4 Fl. Oz per Gallon of water
  • Rinse, power jet or squeegee

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  • Is this solar cleaning solution chemical free? Will it void the panel's manufacture warranty?

    You will want to always check the specific manufacturer's warranty terms, as they may differ manufacturer to manufacturer. To find ingredients, Google "Titan Glass Gleam Solar Cleaner SDS".

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