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About SteveO's High Reach Water Fed Pole Kit

Conquer your commercial jobs with the complete SteveO's High Reach Water Fed Pole Kit. Featuring the XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole in your choice of 30' all the way up to a sturdy 90' pole, this kit is for the advanced window cleaner working on multi-level buildings. Upgrade from just managing high-pole work to dominating it with the XERO Destroyer. Its superior thick walls constructed of Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber and increased underlap allow you to reach 90 feet without any wobbling or uncertainty. This is because, despite the sturdiness, this pole is remarkably lightweight.

XERO Pure MAX: A New Generation

As for the XERO Pure MAX, this water purification system utilizes dual ROs to produce more gallons per minute, so you can work with or without a pump on higher windows, or run two poles at once.

This incredible purification system has a 12-year warranty, as with all of our XERO purification systems, is easy to operate, and produces 1 gallon per minute.

These units are made in-house by our meticulous WCR team members. The sturdy steel frame mounts all parts of this portable purification system, featuring durable metal parts and large flat-free wheels.

Make Windows Spotless

Pure water dries spotless on glass, so to get the pure water you need, the XERO Pure MAX takes the source water and filters it through 1) a carbon filter for the large impurities, then 2) the dual RO membranes, then 3) the DI housing for the final touch-up, ensuring its TDS is below 10 ppm.

Changing the filters on this unit is simple. The DI and Carbon housings open with the help of the included filter wrenches. Simply untwist the canisters, replace the filter or resin, and twist back on to tighten and secure. Once the TDS starts to read over 10 ppm, it is time to change the resin. The RO Membranes, however, have a longer lifetime, and if treated properly, won't need to be changed too often.

Reach the Stars: XERO 110V Booster Pump

Accompanied by SteveO's choice, the XERO 110V Booster Pump, your worries will be eliminated as to whether your water pressure will be able to reach your 90-foot window. With a 1/2 horsepower motor, brass vane pump, pressure regulator that reaches up to 100 PSI, brass garden hose fittings for inlet and outlet, and a 15-foot cord with GFCI plug, its minimalist design and easy portability will make this booster pump an absolutely essential piece for commercial work.

Game-Changing Assets

The XERO HD 150 Reel is perfect for traveling and setting up your equipment at your job site. Made of durable steel, this reel is sturdy and will last you a long while in your career. The reel includes 150 feet of a 3/8 inch hose, and includes a whip for connecting. Four rubber feet are detachable if you prefer the hose mounted.

One of the most important parts of this kit is the 18-inch XERO Hybrid Brush with the fast lock brush attachment. This hybrid pole brush is constructed with a majority of natural boar hair bristles for deep scrubbing, surrounded by soft nylon bristles for a gentle glide. Not to mention, the XERO Extended 12" Gooseneck makes reaching challenging angles a breeze.

*Color of hose may vary


  • XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole 
  • XERO Pure MAX 
  • XERO 110V Booster Pump 
  • XERO Extended 12" Gooseneck 
  • XERO Hybrid Brush - Fast Lock - 18 Inch
  • XERO HD 150 Reel Hose 

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  • If I buy a 40' pole, can I add on extensions later? For example, if I had a job that required 70', could I buy 30' of extensions? Thanks!

    These poles are designed to grow with you, so yes! For more information on the specifics, give us a call at 862-266-0677

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Product Name Number of Sections Number of Extensions Pole Weight - Lbs Pole Weight - Grams
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 30 Foot 7 (69" collapsed) None 4.92 2,232
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 40 Foot 9 (81" collapsed) None 7.16 3,250
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 50 Foot 11 1 9.57 4,342
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 60 Foot 13 2 11.97 5,434
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 70 Foot 15 3 14.38 6,526
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 80 Foot 17 4 16.79 7,618
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 90 Foot 19 5 19.20 8,710