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About the Sörbo 18 Inch 2X Multi-Squeegee Handle

Clean double the windows twice as fast with the innovative Sörbo 18 Inch 2X Multi-Squeegee. This unique tool speeds up the window cleaner's process of squeegeeing double-hung, sliders, and tilt & turn windows.

Developed by the godfather of the wide-body squeegee himself, this gadget improves your workflow and gets you moving onto the next job in no-time.

This specialty squeegee features a classic 18-inch Sörbo aluminum main channel with two 10" or 12" channels attached. These channels are adjustable by the use of black knobs that hold them securely onto the base. If you're looking to utilize just the base as well, you may remove them and slide a rubber right through.

Not only is this tool lightweight, but versatile to get you moving with swift speed.

The Sörbo Swivel Squeegee Handle comes with this fantastic tool and allows you to work at alternative angles when required.

The Sörbo 18 Inch 2X Multi-Squeegee Complete will be your new favorite tool to conquer twice the glass, twice as fast!


  • Sörbo 10-inch or 12-inch Multi Channels x 2
  • Sörbo 18-inch Main Channel x 1
  • Sörbo Swivel Squeegee Handle x 1


  • Quick-release handle for fast channel swapping
  • Improved efficiency while cleaning Double-Hung Windows
  • Clean 2 small window panes simultaneously
  • Unique design


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