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Reach Higher Ground

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About the RHG Delivery Panel with Long Range Remote

Take control of your pure water supply with this 12 volt Delivery Panel from RHG. You can siphon water from your holding tank and deliver it to your pole at the pressure you desire and conserve water while you work! This panel can be mounted to your tank or truck to let you adjust the flow while you're busy cleaning windows away from your tank. You can mount the aluminum back panel to a variety of surfaces making it easy to adapt for your set up. The Delivery Panel includes a pump with a digital flow controller and a long range remote. Use the remote to turn the flow of water up, down, or off with the push of a button. To set up, hook a hose from the water source you'll be siphoning from to the inlet port on the pump. Then hook up your pole supply hose to the outlet side. Remember to keep a 12v battery on hand for power because one is not included.


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  • Hi guys. I was just reading a feed on this delivery system from a few years back. From what I gathered from (Alex) the complete system went for around $400. Any idea why the cost has gone up so much in a few years?

    Inflation, labor costs, supply and demand - to name a few. A few years can mean substantial increases in prices across many industries.

  • Could this be used as a chemical delivery system for soft wash?

    This unit comes with a 1.4 gpm pump, which will not supply enough flow for soft-washing. Check out the 5gpm system, which will do the job.

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