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Pure Water Power

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About the Pure Water Power M HiMod Kevlar Water Fed Pole

One of the most recognizable poles in the Pure Water Power lineup is the Pure Water Power M HiMod Kevlar Water Fed Pole.

Unique Blend of Ultra HiMod Carbon Fiber + Kevlar

Pure Water Power designed the M Water Fed Poles with a unique blend of interwoven high-modulus carbon fiber and Kevlar that offers superior strength and durability. The unique scratch-resistant finish allows this pole to be more rigid and maintain a lightness as you use it.

Easily Replaceable Clamps

The PWP M poles are held in place with polymer Pure Water Power M Clamps that utilize an aluminum lever to protect the twisting mechanism and are completely replaceable if an accident occurs on the job. They are screwed, never glued, onto these poles for ultimate sturdiness.

Drop or Add Sections

These useful poles come in a variety of sizes, some of which can have sections added down the road if you find you'd like to expand upon your job repertoire. The listed lengths are the full reach of the pole, not the extended length of the pole.

For residential window cleaners, the 25-foot and 35-foot poles are ideal. These have a maximum collapsed length of 71.75 inches and could fit in a smaller-sized vehicle. If larger residential, storefront windows, or commercial buildings are what you frequent, then the 45, 55, or 65-foot poles may suit you best.

One convenient factor about the 45-foot pole is that you can add on the 10-foot M Extension 1 to create a 55-foot pole, and then add the 10-foot M Extension 2 to Extension 1 in order to reach all the way up to 65 feet. These pole extensions do not nest over the pole, so it is best to travel with them disassembled until you get to the job.

Should you decide you could use a shorter pole, Pure Water Power has designed the M so you can remove sections at your leisure. Sections 4 through 7 all have built-in end protectors, so you don't have to worry about keeping end caps on hand. The very top section of the pole becomes a two-foot gooseneck that you can pull out for doing walk-up windows, conserving your energy for jobs ahead.

Included Fittings

When you receive your pole, you'll be able to get cleaning immediately, as it comes with all the fittings you'd need to hook it up to your purification system.

Each pole comes with 5/16" hose that is 10 feet longer than the pole's extended length, letting you move freely while you clean. Controlling the flow of your water will be a breeze, too, with the on/off valve. The quick connect push-to-fit set connects all of this to your purification system seamlessly.

Feel the freedom that a hybrid water fed brush brings with the included Tucker Black Dual Trim Hybrid Brush. The two pencil jets on this brush shoot precise streams of water, letting you spray away filth instantly. The nylon exterior bristles glide along the glass while the aggressive boar's hair bristles get down to business with their scrubbing power.

Have no fear of your brush falling off your pole, as the anti-spin pole tip has a secure thread to keep the angle adapter and brush on safely. The angle adapter lets you change your brush's position, too. Plus, easily swap brushes simply by unscrewing them from the angle adapter.

Whether you're a residential, storefront, or commercial window cleaner, there is a Pure Water Power M HiMod Kevlar Water Fed Pole for you.


  • Constructed with a unique blend of High Modulus Carbon Fiber and Kevlar
  • Abrasion resistant
  • End plugs on Sections 4-7
  • Included fittings let you get to cleaning immediately
  • Lengths listed in Reach not actual length
  • 25 and 35-foot poles great for residential
  • 45 and 55-foot pole can be added to the road 


**The extensions do not nest over the pole


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Product Name Collapsed Length of Base Pole Collapsed Length of Extensions Extended Length # of Sections Extensions Weight Hose Length
Pure Water Power Mamba Kevlar Water Fed Pole - 25 Foot 70.75 Inches None 22 Feet 5 None 3.235 lbs 35 Feet
Pure Water Power Mamba Kevlar Water Fed Pole - 35 Foot 71.75 Inches None 31 Feet 7 None 5.110 lbs 45 Feet
Pure Water Power Mamba Kevlar Water Fed Pole - 45 Foot 85 Inches None 42 Feet 8 None 7.150 lbs 55 Feet
Pure Water Power Mamba Kevlar Water Fed Pole - 55 Foot 85 Inches 70.5 Inches 52.5 Feet 10 One 10 Foot Extension 9.88 lbs 65 Feet
Pure Water Power Mamba Kevlar Water Fed Pole - 65 Foot 85 Inches 70.5 Inches + 66 Inches 62.5 Feet 12 Two 10 Foot Extensions 12.61 lbs 75 Feet