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Regular price $56.08 USD
Regular price $56.08 USD Sale price $56.08 USD
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About the Pulex UniHandle Complete

The Pulex UniHandle is exactly as it sounds: universal. Acting as both a squeegee and washer, it can also accept a scraper head. You're not limited to just Pulex aluminum channels; your new Pulex handle will accept almost ANY standard channel. A one-pass tool to wash and wipe at the same time, the Pulex UniHandle minimizes the times it takes to clean. You can use this by hand or on your favorite extension pole.

Each handle can accept different accessories; a combi pad plus a squeegee channel, or a scraper. So what do each of those do? The combi is equipped with a microfiber pad allowing even the grimiest of windows to be washed. This pad is super absorbent and there are stiffer fibers mixed in for removing dirt. There is even an additional scrubbing pad on the underside of the microfiber for tough spots. The squeegee channel is made with a high-quality natural rubber, that can be replaced once it wears out. The scraper (sold separately) helps to remove even the most stubborn bits of dirt stuck on windows.

The Exclusive Pivoting System allows for a fluid side to side movement of rotation, free (up to +/- 180°) or limited (up to +/- 150°) which guarantees speed and efficiency. The Rotation Locking makes it possible to stop the rotation movement in different angular positions (0°, +/- 45°, +/- 90°). The Extra-Wide Adaptable Angle allows the tool to be adjusted according to cleaning needs or your preferences (-20°, -5°, 10°, 25°, 40°, 55°, 70°) so it's easy to close out windows.


  • Pulex UniHandle x 1
  • Pulex UniHandle Channel x 1
  • Pulex UniHandle Sleeve x 1
  • Pulex UniHandle Clips x 2


  • Universal, multi-functional tool
  • Easy On/Off
  • Ideal for use at height
  • Made in Italy with high-quality materials
TERG70200 TERG70201 TERG70202
Manufacturer Part NumberTERG70200

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  • Will the Pulex UniHandle be back in stock any time in the future?

    We should have them back in stock by the beginning of next week.


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