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About the Pulex Complete Alumax Swivel Squeegee

The Pulex Alumax Complete Squeegee, with the Pulex Alumax Swivel Handle, is designed to be very lightweight and fit any extension pole. This squeegee handle is made with a central brass swivel to get those awkward windows with greater ease. This complete squeegee comes with the Pulex Alumax Channel which is rigid, lightweight, quick, and easy to use. This channel will not lose shape or bend. ALL Alumax Channels work only with the Alumax Squeegee Handle.


  • Pulex Alumax Swivel Squeegee Handle x 1
  • Pulex Alumax Squeegee Channel x 1
  • Pulex Squeegee Rubber x 1 strip
  • Pulex Brass Clips x 2


  • Swivel handle for reaching challenging angles
  • Great for extension poles
  • Rigid yet lightweight channel

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  • Does this squeegee connect to an extension pole?

    The Pulex Alumax Swivel Squeegee Handle is designed to be very lightweight and fit any extension pole

  • Is the green the actual color of the handle?

    Yes, the color of the handle is bright green and black.

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