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About the Pulex Bucket Sets

Easily store tools and transport window cleaning solution in the Pulex Bucket Set. This set includes the 6-gallon bucket and the matching lid. This large rectangular bucket fits your entire stripwasher for easy dipping. A comfortable handle makes carrying it easy. Plastic clips are also included to hold your tools. Choose your favorite or match your brand with a variety of colors.

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  • Very curious as to why the dimensions aren't given and the customer's question on the dimensions isn't being answered???

    9.5 inches deep - 10.5 inches wide - 20.5 inches across.

  • Does this bucket hold up well for daily use? And is it 6gal?

    Yes and yes.

  • Is there any chance Pulex would consider making a black bucket with a black handle? None of their bucket colors match our company colors, but a black bucket / black handle would be perfect to put our logo on. Even a black bucket with a gray handle would work.

    You'd have to reach out to Pulex for that answer; not the distributor.

  • What are the size dimensions?

    9.5 inches deep - 10.5 inches wide - 20.5 inches across

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