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Regular price $1,199.00 USD
Regular price $1,199.00 USD Sale price $1,199.00 USD
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About the OVA8 Pro - Elite

Get something a little different from the standard round water fed poles with the OVA8 Pro - Elite! Featuring an oval profile, this pole was designed to eliminate spinning sections which is especially handy when working at heights and you don't want your brush slapping against the windows.


The OVA8 Pro Elite has six sections that extend out to 30 feet so you can reach most residential and low-level commercial windows. It's made from high modulus carbon fiber for a more rigid option than the OVA8 Pro - Basic. It weighs just under 4 lbs before you add on the brush and hose. The oval shape has multiple benefits including a comfortable feel in your hands. Because the sections can't rotate, the clamps have to do less work. They won't bite into the carbon fiber to keep it from spinning, giving the pole greater longevity. The end cap protects the bottom from getting damaged by concrete when you work. While collapsed this pole measures 73 inches long.


This pole includes the hose, brush, and fittings you need to get started. 40 feet of hose is enough to run the entire length of the pole and hook up to your purification system. The brush is the Tucker Hybrid Black Brush. This popular brush features both hybrid and nylon bristles. The boars hair is there to give you the scrubbing power you need, but the nylon keeps the brush easy to glide over the glass.

Break out from the pack and get yourself the OVA8 Pro - Elite water fed pole. Talk to our product specialists to learn even more about the cool features of this design.


  • Unique Oval Design
  • Eliminates Spinning Sections
  • 30 Foot Pole with 6 Sections
  • Includes Brush, Hose, and Fittings
  • Made from High-End High Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Weighs Under 4 lbs

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  • Is there a warranty on the pole?

    Hi Jarel, yes there is! We have the same warranty as we do for our XERO Poles: https://windowcleaner.com/xero-warranty/poles


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