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About the OVA8 Pro - Basic

Think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the circle. Unlike your traditional round poles, the OVA8 Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Pole utilizes an oval profile to stop sections from rotating.

Why Oval?

The oval shape has a variety of benefits, including greater longevity. Many traditional poles rely on pressure to lock sections in place, which means clamps cut into the carbon fiber causing weak points. Since the oval pole doesn't depend on clamps to stop rotation, they don't have to grip the carbon fiber as tightly. Along the same lines, your hands don't have to grip as tightly either providing a more ergonomic feeling. The oval shape also provides greater stiffness.

Pole Specifications:

The OVA8 Pro Basic Pole is made from carbon fiber for a great balance of weight and strength. Extend the sections for the job at hand up to the full 30 feet. The base pole weighs only 3.9 lbs before the hose and brush are added.

Included are 40 feet of hose, fittings, an angle adapter, and a 12-inch brush. The hybrid brush offers a fantastic glide with excellent scrubbing power. The outer nylon bristles are longer for reaching into edges, while the short boar's hair bristles agitate the dirt and grime so the jets can blast it away. Hook up the hose to your system, and you'll be ready to clean in no time.

The OVA8 Pro Basic is a fantastic pole for regular users who need a light and rigid pole.


  • Unique Oval Shape
  • Eliminates spinning sections
  • Comfortable shape for your hands
  • Made of durable carbon fiber
  • 30 Feet Fully Extended
  • Includes brush, hose, and fittings

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  • How long is the pole fully collapsed

    It is 73 inches fully collapsed.

  • Does this work with a Zero X2 hose?

    Yes it does!

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