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Novus Plastic Polish

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About the Novus Plastic Polish Kit

Spruce up your plastics and acrylics with all three of the Novus Plastic Polishes in this convenient kit.

Available in 2 oz and 8 oz bottles, these three steps will help each other perform at their best when used together.

Breathe new life into hundreds of every day products such as CDs, windshields, helmets, acrylic windows, hot tubs, plastic storm windows, skylights, furniture, and more!

These plastic polishes contain no harsh chemicals or abrasives, removes damage instead of simply filling them in.

**This product is not recommended for use on coated plastics.

Novus #1: Clean & Protect

This first step gently cleans all plastics of dirt and dust without causing scratches. It leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust from coating, and eliminates static.

Novus #2: Restore & Refinish

This second step removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from most plastics and acrylics. This is great to be used repeatedly. As it builds upon itself, it repairs more and more over time.

Novus #3: Repair & Prepare

This third step removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic and plastic surfaces. When the damage is too severe to be removed with Novus #2, take #3 for a spin.


  • Before polishing, ensure the plastic is cool to the touch
  • Use a liberal amount of Novus #1 first to clean off surface dust and dirt
  • Test for compatibility with your product in an inconspicuous spot
  • Shake well before using


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