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About the Name Brand Radio's Starter Kit

It’s not about the size of the kit, it’s about what’s in it!!

The Name Brand Radio’s Starter Kit has all the goodies to get you started or to add to your growing business. You wouldn't be able to reach those high-up spots without the XERO Carbon Fiber Pole 2.0. This lightweight pole is made from 100% Carbon Fiber making it manageable and durable, reducing fatigue and shoulder pain. Its compact design has 3 sections for easy extension work and collapses down to 53.75”, making it easy for transportation. The smooth clamping system is made with durable, bolted clamps that keep each section locked into place and each section has an end defender to prevent damage from concrete. Don't forget to use your favorite pole tip!

The Sorbo Complete Yellow Jacket Stripwasher has great scrubbing power and is easy to use in awkward hard to reach areas. This 14-inch, lightweight swivel T-Bar has an aluminum T-section and a plastic handle, making it lightweight and durable. The T-Bar is equipped with a 14-inch Yellow Jacket Sleeve that has heavy-duty stitching for long life. Cleaning windows is impossible without a bucket! Make traveling simple with the 6-gallon Pulex Bucket Set. This set includes plastic clips to hold your tools and a matching secure lid. Easily fits your entire stripwasher for easy dipping. Store tools and transport liquids trouble-free in this large, rectangular bucket.

If you are looking for variety within your cleaning needs, the IPC Eagle TechnoPad is a lightweight, ergonomic handle that is 9-inches long. Use by hand or on a pole with different IPC Eagle pads for different cleaning needs and also with the XERO Walnut Scrub Pad which has aggressive scrubbing power to remove stubborn dirt without scratching surfaces. You also don't want to go to a window cleaning job without the WCR Track Cleaner. This inexpensive, specialized brush makes cleaning tracks and window sills a breeze. Using its stiff bristles, it comes in handy to eliminate dust, debris, old bugs, etc. Definitely, a handy tool to get in those hard-to-reach cracks and grooves! 

Now that you have your windows free of dirt and grime, it is now time to put the squeegee skills to work. The Unger Complete ErgoTec XL Squeegee comes complete with an ergonomic XL handle, a channel, and one piece of soft rubber. This 14-inch handle is designed specifically for larger hands that has a 2 component comfortable grip and a finger indent on the stainless steel head for control. If you are having trouble maneuvering around the glass, the 40° Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle has a 180° swivel head and an anti-slip grip for a more comfortable, confident grip. Use it with your favorite channel and switch easily with the TriLoc Channel locking mechanism for a quick release. Not sure which channel to use? Squeegee in style while getting high-quality results with vibrant colors using the Sorbo Red, White, and Blue 18-inch Channel.

If you need replacement rubber for your Sorbo Channel, the BlackDiamond rubber is of superior quality and a popular choice for window cleaners all over the world. Flat Top Medium rubber would be a great option for Sorbo channels or any unique T-profile channel. Where a standard channel with a round profile would require the BlackDiamond Round Top Medium rubber. What is Medium rubber? Medium BlackDiamond rubber is your universal option sitting between soft rubber and hard rubber meaning it carries benefits of both. It has less chatter on glass but takes longer to wear in so it has an extended lifespan.

While you are squeegeeing away, you also want to keep your performance at a peak without water swashing everywhere. The Moerman Drywalker Flex will keep your legs dry while you are at work. This adaptable BoaB is detachable, waterproof, lightweight, and will keep your squeegees and applicators easily reachable on your hip. Set it up as a double squeegee holder or a squeegee holder with a bucket. The complete set includes the Drywalker Flex Base, add-on bucket, and add-on squeegee holder. Whether working up high or down low, you need towels for the job to absorb liquids and dirt or to polish for streak-free results. The XERO XL Fish Scale Towel is a unique microfiber towel with a fish scale weave that enables dirt to be absorbed into the cloth and away from the glass. Its 20-inch x 30-inch measurements give you enough surface area to use throughout the day.

Now that you've seen what's included in this awesome starter kit, give Austin a call at (862) 312-2023 and check him out on YouTube.

*The TechnoPad has a good, secure fit on all major cones and tips but, will not fit on the Ettore Pole tip or Unger Wooden Cone.


  • XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 Unger Pole Tip - 12 Foot
  • Pulex Bucket Set - Black and Blue
  • Sorbo Complete Yellow Jacket Stripwasher - 14"
  • Sorbo Red White and Blue Channel - 18 Inch
  • XERO Fish Scale Towel XL - Single *Color may vary
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle - 40°
  • Unger Complete ErgoTec XL Squeegee - 14"
  • IPC Eagle TechnoPad with Handle - Green 
  • XERO Walnut Scrub Pad x 3
  • WCR Track Cleaner
  • Moerman Drywalker Flex Complete Set 
  • BlackDiamond Round Top Medium Squeegee Rubber 12 Pack - 14 Inch
  • BlackDiamond Flat Top Medium Squeegee Rubber 12 Pack - 18 Inch


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