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Mr Long Arm Poles

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About the Mr. LongArm ProCurve Pole

Mr. LongArm Pro Curve Poles feature sections that extend the pole to the length you need and securely lock them in place with the twisting collars. Take advantage of the curved end with a rotating handle for a squeegee or washer that lets you "wand" windows from side to side saving you time. Now you can pole windows that couldn't be done with a straight extension pole. This lightweight fiberglass pole has an anodized aluminum inner tube. The tapered adaptor fits ProCurve tools, which accommodate most manufacturers' channels.


  • Lightweight with curved end
  • Fiberglass pole with anodized aluminum inner tube
  • Tapered adapter fits ProCurve tools


Product Name Sections Extended Length Collapsed Length
Mr. LongArm ProCurve 4 Foot 2 Sections 4 Feet 35.5 Inches
Mr. LongArm ProCurve 8 Foot 2 Sections 8 Feet 59 Inches
Mr. LongArm ProCurve 12 Foot 3 Sections 12 Feet 61 Inches
Mr. LongArm ProCurve 18 Foot 3 Sections 18 Feet 79 Inches
Mr. LongArm ProCurve 23 Foot 3 Sections 22.75 Feet 103 Inches
3104 3108 3412 3618 3824
Manufacturer Part Number3104

Questions & Answers

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  • does IPC eagle technopad fit

    Thanks for the question! It is always good to consider the pole tip when choosing a new extension pole. The IPC Eagle Techno Pad is compatible with this extension pole's included tip via a pressure fit. If you need help selecting an extension pole, give us a call at 862-266-0677, or open a chat with us in the bottom right hand corner on our website.

  • Will moerman tbar and squeegees attach to this pole? Is it compatible with those products.

    Moerman and Mr. LongArm are compatible choices.

  • Compatible with moerman?

    Yes, the Moerman handle should "pressure fit" to the Mr. LongArm ProCurve Pole.

  • will i be able to fit my Unger products to this pole?

    The pole tip included is compatible with Unger products.

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