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About the Moerman Telescopic Pole

The Moerman Extension Poles use a telescopic design that allows you to extend sections out when you need to reach high or keep them compacted for storage and travel. The comfortable ergonomic handle allows you to grip the pole while you work on storefronts or cleaning indoor glass. Window cleaners love the fact that their Moerman tools can lock onto the tip for a secure hold. The aluminum makes this extension pole durable and ready to stand up to daily use. The tip also has ACME threads for attaching tools.


  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Tip Locks onto Moerman Tools
  • ACME Threads on Tip
  • Made of Aluminum
Product Name Sections Extended Length Collapsed Length
Moerman Telescopic Pole 4 Foot 2 Sections 4 Feet 30 Inches
Moerman Telescopic Pole 8 Foot 2 Sections 8 Feet 55 Inches
Moerman Telescopic Pole 10 Foot 3 Sections 10 Feet 50.5 Inches
Moerman Telescopic Pole 16 Foot 4 Sections 16 Feet 63.5 Inches
Moerman Telescopic Pole 30 Foot 4 Sections 30 Feet 102.5 Inches

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  • Is the 30' pole four-sectioned?

    Yes it is.

  • What's the weight of the 30' pole?

    About 5 lbs.

  • What is the minimum/collapsed length?

    About 3.5 feet.

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