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About the Moerman FUGU Sleeve

The Moerman FUGU sleeve was developed for tackling extra grimey windows. There are stiff bristles mixed in with the microfiber to make it easier to remove stuck-on dirt. The multi-colored microfiber has great water retention for getting windows soaped up. Choose from three different sleeve sizes to match your t-bar. High-quality velcro keeps this sleeve in place on your t-bar. It was designed with improved velcro quality and a larger velcro surface than the original Moerman sleeves. They made sure to include extra-strong stitching on the edges of the sleeves. There is even a white scrub pad attached to one end to give you focused scrubbing action on stubborn spots.



  • Microfiber Sleeve with Stiff Bristles
  • Heavy-duty Stitching
  • Built-in Scrub Pad
  • High Water Retention
  • Improved Velcro Fastening

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  • Does the FUGU scrubber scratch tint?

    Yes, it does! Don't use it on tint. Use something ultra soft with NO scrub pads on it, like the Ettore Golden Glove.

  • Does the 22” FUGU scrubber fit on an Unger Ninja T-bar ?

    Yes it does.

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