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About the Moerman Excelerator 2.0

After listening to the concerns of window cleaners out in the real world, Moerman deployed a series of modifications and improvements to the Excelerator creating the brand new 2.0 design. This award-winning handle features a redesigned gripping jaw, a slimmer head, and an extended angle range.

Moerman has made it even easier to close out windows with a deeper reach thanks to the thinner jaw configuration. They also added two new negative angles of -20° and -5°. For the easiest time working with deep sills, utilize the Moerman Dr. Angle tool for your extension pole. The slimmed-down sides make closing out so much easier. Take all the water with you for amazing results and zero detailing.

Some window cleaners struggled with loose channels on the original Excelerator, so Moerman updated the locking mechanism to be more secure. They also enhanced the design to be more user-friendly making it easier to open and mount your channel. If you accidentally flip it open while you're working, your channel won't fall thanks to the end clips on the liquidator channel. Even with slippery hands, it is easy to pop open the lock to switch out channels.

The new locking button on the handle makes it effortless to change from a swivel head to a fixed tool. Just push the button up or down and you can alternate between the two. The bi-component handle was sculpted to provide a comfortable grip in your hand with an ergonomic hold. Choose from 5 adaptable angles of -20°, -5°, 10°, 25°, 40° degrees.

Clip on your washer pad and easily squeegee and wash with just the flick of your wrist. This technique will save you a bunch of time while working. The microfiber F*LIQ pad is super absorbent and will leave windows super clean while the FUGU F*LIQ is used for a more aggressive clean featuring its coarse bristles mixed in with the microfiber. Choose the size and type to fulfill your cleaning needs.

If you loved the original Excelerator, you will adore this more robust, adjustable, and stable version. Take your window cleaning to the next level with the Moerman Excelerator 2.0! Choose the size and pad type to fulfill your cleaning needs.


  • Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Squeegee Handle
  • Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 2.0
  • Moerman F*LIQ Clip-on Washer Strip


  • Clip-on washer pad attachment
  • Improved efficiency while cleaning
  • Combination tool makes for swift closing out
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 sleeve options - Microfiber or FUGU

Questions & Answers

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  • Are the squeegee the same size as the scrubber that’s attached to it? If you get the 14” does that mean the scrubber and squeegee are the same?

    Correct. If you order the 10 inch, you recieve a 14 inch channel, and a 14 inch scrubber.

  • Is there a vidio, how to put it togather?

    Check this out:

  • does it come with the F LIQ pad ( flip pad)?

    Yes, it does come with the F*LIQ pad.

  • Can I use this on a unger extension pole?

    Yes you can.

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