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About the Moerman Combinator Complete Squeegee

The Moerman Combinator complete squeegee features the Combinator Handle and a Liquidator Channel. This handle also accepts the Combinator T-Bar if you want to add on a washer sleeve for even faster work. This lightweight handle utilizes the Liquidator 3.0 Channels for an efficient clean. The channels feature plastic end clips that help the squeegee to glide over the glass. The ends are also designed to be gentle on frames as they get in close removing excess water from corners and edges. Save time by reducing the amount of detailing with a towel that needs to be done. Create your perfect squeegee by choosing from five sizes of channels. The Combinator T-Bar can be purchased separately when you're ready to add it on.


  • Moerman Combinator Squeegee 2.0 Handle
  • Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 3.0 
  • Lightweight handle for all-day comfort
  • Plastic end clips reduce detailing by being gentle on frames
  • Five sizes to choose from

Questions & Answers

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  • does it squeak when cleaning shower glass door?

    Hi, there! If your glass isn't properly wet, or you don't have enough of a slip agent in your cleaning solution, any squeegee might chatter and squeak on the glass. If you are experiencing this issue, we would recommend a softer squeegee rubber, or adding something such as Hi Slide to your soultion.

  • What degree is this at? 40?

    40 Degrees is correct

  • Is the rubber hard or soft?

    This is Moerman's all season rubber, which you can find out more about here.

  • Does it work on showers


  • Will these channels take a standard Ettore style rubber??

    Yes, all Moerman channels will take standard rubber, like Ettore. You will have to trim the edges to the same shape as the channel at the ends if you use any rubber other than Liquidator rubber.

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