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About the Moerman Angle Adapter

The Moerman Angle Adapter makes it easier to get to all of those hard-to-reach areas. This lightweight and durable design makes for a long lifespan. It includes two clips for attaching to your Moerman Extension Pole.


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  • Pretty sure it can but just to wanted to be sure but It can be used on other extensions poles besides Moerman?

    The following are compatible:

    Ledger Swivel
    Ettore Aluminum
    Ettore Stainless
    Ettore Brass
    Ettore Stainless / grip
    Ettore Aluminum QR
    Ettore QR Stainless/ grip
    Ettore QR Brass / grip
    Ettore Stainless / grip / Super Channel
    Ettore ProGrip
    Ettore Pro+ QR
    Ettore Pro + Super System 
    Ettore Pro + Zero
    Ettore Contour Pro +
    Ettore Pro+ Super System Super Channel
    Ettore Contour Pro + Super Channel
    Moerman Stainless
    Moerman Combinator
    Moerman Ergonomic 
    Moerman Snapper
    Moerman Excelerator
    Moerman Excelerator 2.0
    Pulex Stainless Steel 
    Pulex UltraLite Aluminum
    Pulex Brass
    Pulex Alumax
    Pulex Swivel
    Pulex Technolite Red
    Pulex Technolite Green
    Pulex Stutzy Swivel
    Pulex UniHandle
    Sorbo Aluminum
    Sorbo Aluminum Fast Release / Ultra 
    Sorbo Fast Release / Quick / Black Mamba
    Sorbo Fast Release / Silverado / Cobra
    Sorbo Red
    Sorbo Swivel
    Sorbo Ledger 
    Steccone Reg-Clip Aluminum
    Steccone Magi-Klip Aluminum
    Unger Brass
    Unger Pro
    Unger ErgoTec RED
    Unger ErgoTec  
    Unger ErgoTec XL
    Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc Angled
    Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc 0
    Unger Ninja 30
    Unger Ninja 40
    Wagtail Slimline 
    Wagtail Pivot

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