Metallic Ladder

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Metallic Ladder

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Regular price $999.99 USD
Regular price $999.99 USD Sale price $999.99 USD
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About the Metallic Ladder Un-Loaded Kit - 16 Foot

The Metallic Ladder 16-Foot Un-Loaded stackable ladder kit is the stable, long-lasting ladder you'll employ on residential or commercial window cleaning jobs. If the basics are what you need, this kit is perfect for you!

It includes three separate ladder sections that you can't work without, minus the bells and whistles of other more complex ladder configurations.

These separate sections can be assembled together easily. These sections use Box Girder side rail construction, heavy-walled rungs, and solid cast fittings to maintain equilibrium and stiffness. Since the pieces are separate, this kit is easy to transport in any car or truck.

To put this together, slide each unit over the top of the one below. They will be held in place with mandatory locking pins which stop the ladder sections from inadvertently separating. The widest part of this ladder is 18.5" across.

Stacking ladders are handy for when you want to add height when working on large homes or commercial buildings. Add on a Metallic Ladder Aluminum Center Section to reach greater heights! These are easily stowed away on a rack on your car or in your truck.

You have the option to select between two different top sections for your ladder setup. If you require excellent stabilization on corners or frames, the Vee Groove top section is recommended. Alternatively, if you prefer a standard option, you can choose the Open Top section.


WARNING: Only to be used by Professional Window Cleaners

Top and Center Sections are NOT designed to be used as bases.

Only Base Sections can be used at the bottom of the ladder.

Do not stack more than 4 sections or stack higher than 21 feet.

Metallic Ladder does not prohibit or endorse the use of any specific accessories on its products. Any use of an accessory is the decision of the end-user. In the event an accessory is used, it is to be used only in accordance with the instructions provided by the accessory manufacturer.


  • Features the main essentials for what you'll need in this kit
  • Durable and stable so you'll feel confident when working
  • Add or subtract center sections as needed easily
  • Choose between Vee Groove or Open Top sections

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