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Metallic Ladder

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About the Metallic Ladder Loaded Kits - 21 Foot

This complete ladder set is comprised of four 6-foot sections; Your choice of either a Vee Groove or Open Top section, two middle sections, and a base section. When all four sections are stacked, they measure 21 feet from top to bottom due to the overlapping nature of each section. The Xtenda Leg Ladder Levelers are installed in minutes and allow you to work safely on uneven terrain. This kit includes your choice of a silicone or foam, easy-on easy-off, lightweight stand-off to keep your ladder stable. The base section is 17.25" across at its widest point, and the center sections are 14.75" across. 

If you require excellent stabilization on corners or frames, the Vee Groove top section is recommended. Alternatively, if you prefer a standard option, you can choose the Open Top section.


  • Your choice of either a Vee Groove 6' or Open Top 6' Metallic Ladder Top Section
  • Metallic Ladder Aluminum 6' Bottom Section
  • Metallic Ladder Aluminum 6' Center Section (x 2)
  • Xtenda-Leg Ladder Levelers
  • LeveLok Open Rung Standout Bracket

WARNING: Only to be used by Professional Window Cleaners

Top and Center Sections are NOT designed to be used as bases.

Only Base Sections can be used at the bottom of the ladder.

Do not stack more than 4 sections or stack higher than 21 feet.

Metallic Ladder does not prohibit or endorse the use of any specific accessories on their products. Any use of an accessory is the decision of the end-user. In the event an accessory is used, it is to be used only in accordance with the instructions provided by the accessory manufacturer.


Questions & Answers

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  • These would be ideal for windows to clean on a stair way where you can’t level a regular ladder correct?

    We have several options for leveling ladders. The Pro Vision Tools Pivit Ladder Tool is also a great option for stairs.

  • What is the total weight of the ladder with all sections installed?

    The total weight of the ladder with all sections installed comes to 45lbs.

  • Do these meet OSHA minimums (250 lbs in the center of the rung) and is there labeling showing a weight rating on the ladder?

    Yes, they do meet OSHA standards and there is a weight rating sticker on the ladder. Do not stack more than 4 sections or higher than 21 feet.

  • What weight rating do these type of ladders have?

    They are rated for 250 lbs.


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