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About the Maykker Python Sleeve Complete

What is the worst part about scrubber sleeves? When they constantly move around on your t-bar while you try to work. Guess what? Maykker has fixed that! This unique, revolutionary setup uses a three-part system. Now you might say that seems excessive, but hear us out.

Part 1 - Maykker Swivel T-Bar

Obviously, you can't completely re-invent the wheel. A t-bar is still the backbone of this system. It is durable, lightweight, and features a swivel head so you can angle it just right. It has a plastic handle and an aluminum bar. A solid choice for any window cleaner whether you work by hand or with an extension pole.

Part 2 - Maykker Handy Sleeve

Here's where it starts to get interesting. Even though the Maykker Handy Sleeve has "sleeve" in the name, this isn't what will be touching the glass. This is meant to fit on your t-bar super snuggly. You may even need a screwdriver to help you fit it on the first time it is that tight. Snaps keep it in place and once it's on, this sleeve won't move or wiggle. You can use this for other attachments as well like a bronze wool pad, white scrub pad, or even a towel so it is a great multi-purpose tool.

Part 3 - Maykker Python Sleeve

This is the game-changer. Instead of a regular sleeve that just slides over a t-bar and is expected to stay in place with a little piece of elastic or velcro, it latches on to the Maykker Handy Sleeve. Line it up and the teeth from the Handy Sleeve grip on for a tight hold. Now you can scrub without any movement, and really get some action right where you want it on the glass. It might feel odd at first, suddenly having so much control, but once you get used to it, you're gonna love it. These sleeves are also super easy to care for and store. Throw it in the machine and let it air dry. Then stack them flat, fold them, or roll them up in your toolbox to always have on hand. The durable, absorbent microfibers readily suck up your window cleaning solution so you can work on glass.

Part 4 - Optional End Scrubbers

Want more scrubbing power for your t-bar? Select the end scrub pads that will work best for you. The EasyScrub pads from Maykker fit between the Handy Sleeve and the Python Sleeve. When they get worn out, or you just don't want them for a particular job, it's super easy to just pull up the Python sleeve and remove them. The extra set of two lets you be stocked up for the future. Choose the bronze wool for an abrasive that won't rust or scratch. The white pads are the finest abrasive and the blue pads are the most aggressive. Without built-in scrubbers like traditional sleeves, you won't have to worry about ends blowing out.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Maykker Python setup and never go back to traditional sleeves and t-bars.


  • 3 Part System
  • The sleeve won't move while you work
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Optional End Scrubbers


  • Maykker Swivel T-Bar x 1
  • Maykker Handy Sleeve x 1
  • Maykker Python Sleeve x 1

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