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About the Maykker Mini Extension Pole 2.0

The days of lugging around clunky, heavy, oversized extension poles are over. The era of compact is upon us! The Maykker Products Mini 2.0 is ideal for storefronts and single-story houses.

Not only is this easy to store and transport, but tight spots no longer leave you between a rock and a hard place. This tiny, compacted pole is only 27 inches before it's extended. Use that to your advantage for narrow locations like stairwells or to get around obstructions and behind window treatments. When longer poles leave you struggling to work from awkward side angles, you can now have your pole right in front of you. Fully extended, this pole is just over eight feet long, perfect for storefront routes.

Made of a hybrid material, this pole is an excellent mix of lightweight and sturdy. The five sections utilize clamps to allow you to extend them as you need them and securing the sections in place. A base cap protects the end from damage if you set your pole on the ground while you switch out tools.

The Maykker Products Mini 2.0 includes an Acme Tip with a wood cone adapter for using traditional window cleaning tools. You can upgrade your pole with a specialized adapter for your favorite tool brands like Moerman, Unger, Ettore, and Wagtail.

If you wanted to, you could even set this up to be used with your water-fed equipment. Just switch out the Acme tip for a Euro Tip, and you can attach a water-fed brush.

This bright orange pole will feel good in your hands, and the high-quality clamps will make this your new favorite pole for low-level work.

Grab the Add-On for an extra 3 feet of length. The Add-On sections slide over the bottom of your pole.  

Length Chart:

Maykker Mini 2.0 Collapsed Length Extended Length
Pole 27"
Add-On 23.25"
Complete 30.5"



  • Super compact pole, only 27"
  • Extends to 8'
  • 5 Sections
  • Weighs 1.66 lbs | 26.56 oz | 753 g
  • Comes with Acme Tip and wood cone
  • Compacted Size with Add On 33.75"
  • Very Lightweight

Questions & Answers

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  • Is there a way to make this pole work for waterfed window cleaning? If so, what attachments do I need?

    Yes you can! We have everything you would need in this kit:

  • How many sections does it have?

    It has 5 sections. If you get the Add On Set, that's an additional 2 sections.

  • how much does it weigh ?

    The Maykker Mini weighs only 1lb 7.6 oz making it super lightweight for all day use.

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