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About the Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve Complete

When you have extremely dirty windows to take care of, the Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve can help you make quick work of it. Coarse nylon bristles are incorporated into the microfiber for a more aggressive clean. This won't be your everyday setup, but it's perfect for those next-level dirty jobs. This sleeve IS NOT recommended for windows with film tint, e-glass, or bulletproof glass. The Hedgehog sleeve is machine washable with cold water and just let it air dry. Store it on your t-bar, laying flat, rolled up, or folded to save space.

You may be wondering why there seems to be an extra sleeve on this. Here's the magic of the Maykker system. You have a swivel t-bar, standard practice, but then there is the Maykker Handy Sleeve that goes on first. This sleeve is made to be super tight to the t-bar so there's no swooshing around while you're trying to mop down windows. Your Hedgehog sleeve sits on top.

There are two more benefits to working like this. First, the fact that there is no microfiber on the ends helps keep water away from the frames for less detailing later. Second, you don't have to worry about the ends of your sleeve busting out. You can work just as is, or add on the EasyScrub ends in blue or white scrub pads. The white scrub pads are a fine abrasive for just a kiss of extra scrubbing. Then the blue scrub pads are the roughest for the dirtiest panes. You can easily swap out the EasyScrub pads at any time because they just stick right to the Handy Sleeve.

You can even try out the other Maykker Sleeves like the Python and Scotsman on this t-bar set-up so what are you waiting for, pick yours up today.


  • Maykker Handy Sleeve System
  • Choose to include EasyScrub End Scrubbers
  • Easily Swap out Sleeves and Scrubbers
  • Super Aggressive Scrubbing
  • No Wiggling Sleeves while you work


  • Maykker Handy Sleeve 
  • Maykker Swivel T-Bar 
  • Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve 


Ask a Question
  • I have an ettore REA-C-H 12’ extension pole. Will this t bar attach to this?

    The Maykker T-Bar is compatible with the Ettore Pole tip via pressure fit.

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