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Regular price $39.90 USD
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About the Maykker Handy Sleeve Complete

Cut down on the tools you have to lug around with you when you get an all in one Handy Sleeve Complete! Created by Maykker and designed by window cleaners, for window cleaners, the Handy Sleeve has so many uses, it will become your new favorite piece of equipment for traditional window cleaners.

This swiveling T-Bar fits comfortably in your hand and offers the perfect size bar for the Handy Sleeve. The handy sleeve wraps around and due to the tight fit, provides the best pounds per square inch cleaning and scrubbing action unlike anything on the market.

Use the sleeve to hold microfiber cloths, towels, bronze wool pads, white scrub pads, and more. The genuine velcro grips tight and allows you to clean up drips, detail window frames, or if you use a damp terry cloth, it becomes a great floor mop! What more can you want out of such a compact tool that easily fits on your tool belt or in a pouch?

This super portable design lets you carry it in a loop on your belt or jackknife it to fit in a pocket. Made from quality materials like industrial grade hook material with polyester binding and marine-grade stainless steel snaps. Just throw your towel on and go, no need to wrap it or hook into a pocket. Damp clothes are great for detailing frames or cleaning vinyl decals, mesh, and screens.

The more you use it, the more uses you'll find for it and you'll never want to be without it! 

*Please note that the 6-inch Handy Sleeve Complete option is buttonless.

  • Grips towels, scrub pads, and more
  • Super secure fit on t-Bar
  • Use by hand or on a pole
  • Swivels



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  • Will this fit on the Ettore poles they sell at Lowes? I believe it's the standard Ettore pole tip. This pole tip fits the Moerman Excelerator and the Ettore Pro+ Super System T-Bar. Thanks!

    Hi! The Maykker T-Bar is compatible with the standard Ettore Pole Tip via a pressure fit, and is pretty snug so it won't pop off during pole work.

  • Will this fit on the end of an ettore pole

    Hi Anthony, that all depends - which Ettore pole are you looking to use? Please call us 862-266-0677 and we can get this sorted for you.

  • Regular velcro loses its "grippiness" when it gets lint in it. If you use this product on towels and sleeves, doesn't it quickly get full of lint and lose its ability to hold the way it should? How long before it has to be replaced?

    It does not have any issues with towels or sleeves. When washing it, do not wash it with anything other than microfiber to prevent lint.

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