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About the Maykker EasyScrub

Easily tackle tough stuck-on spots on glass with the Maykker EasyScrub Pads. These can attach to the Maykker Handy Sleeves under your scrubber sleeve. By keeping the ends as separate pieces it's easy to replace them when they're worn out. Plus you get the versatility to switch materials on the job. The velcro makes it easy to add and remove them. 

These pads are available in three different materials. The bronze wool option doesn't rust over time so you'll get lots of uses out of them. They are perfect for stubborn stuck-on spots like bird messes, pollen, and more. Bronze wool is great for cleaning because it doesn't scratch glass. The white scrub pads offer a fine abrasive for delicate areas and the blue pads offer a rougher abrasive.

They are not recommended for painted surfaces, steel frames, leaded windows, self-cleaning glass, or glass with any coating or film on it.


  • Attaches to Maykker Handy Sleeves
  • Extra Scrubbing Power
  • Bronze Wool - Won't Rust
  • White Pads - Fine Abrasive
  • Blue Pads - Rough Abrasive

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