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LeveLok Ladder Leveler Supreme Quick Connect Kit

LeveLok Ladder Leveler Supreme Quick Connect Kit

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About the LeveLok Ladder Leveler Supreme Quick Connect Kit

The LeveLok Ladder Leveler Supreme Quick Connect Kit provides balance and stability to your ladder. This kit contains two base units that are meant to be permanently mounted on your ladder, plus one or two of the Quick Connect legs that go with them.

The base units are the heart of this LeveLok patented KeyLok system. First, the base units mount on your ladder to provide a stable locking platform for the Quick Connect legs. Next, the legs can be added or removed and are easy to access with toe-touch controls to simplify use while on the job site. Plus, they feature stabilizer arms that extend the width of contact with the ground to increase the level of balance further.

Adding this setup to your ladder will keep you safer while you work. Take this LeveLok kit to your next traditional site and feel the difference!


  • Constructed with durable aluminum and plastic
  • Equipped with two base units and one or two Quick Connect legs
  • Great for leveling your ladder on uneven terrain
  • Includes Pair of Base Units plus One or Two Stabilizers

How to Set it into Position:

  1. Snap the units together by attaching the leveler to one base unit by inserting the three knobs on the back of the leveler into the three keyholes of the base unit
  2. Slide the leveler up until it snaps into position. The black leveler cap should be pointing upwards, corresponding with the red UP sticker on the base unit.
  3. Temporarily position the assembly at the bottom of the ladder alongside the center of the ladder rail. The leveler shoe pad should be positioned slightly above the first rung.
  4. Check the positioning on the inside and outside of the ladder rail for sufficient clearance of mounting bolts around corner braces, rungs, rivets, and plates.
  5. Once you have positioned the assembly in the ideal location, draw a small line at the bottom of the base unit on the ladder rail.
  6. Remove the base unit from the leveler and double-check that all bolt hole locations ensure adequate clearance for nuts and washers on the inside of the rail and for spacer plates on the outside of the rail.
  7. With the leveler removed, position the base unit only onto the ladder rail with the red UP sticker pointing toward the top of the ladder.
  8. Place the base unit where you made the mark on the rail.
  9. Mark the two uppermost holes and only one of the two lower holes. This is necessary for installation. Choose the hole that best suits your ladder.
  10. Put the base unit aside and drill three holes with a 1/8" diameter pilot bit, then an 11/32" diameter drill bit.
  11. Repeat on the opposite side.
  12. Slide mounting bolts through mounting holes of the base unit.
  13. Slide the entire unit with bolts and spacer plates into the three previously drilled holes.
  14. Complete the mounting process by sliding three mounting bolts will all their necessary spacer plates and/or thin washers through the pre-drilled holes.


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Product Name Length Width Height Weight
Single Stabilizer 21.25" 5.5" 4" 15.31 lbs
Pair of Stabilizers 21.25" 9.5" 7.25" 21.61 lbs