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Ladder Lock

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The Ladder Lock is a useful and versatile safety tool to prevent your ladder from sliding side to side. Great for extension ladders! Users can secure their ladder safely and easily in a matter of seconds. Securing your ladder provides additional safety when working on high windows, eaves, gutters or even less than desirable conditions such as soft ground or in high winds.

Once installed it can be easily adjusted for additional support, safety measures and to keep gutters from caving in! The Ladder Lock can attach to a variety of surfaces including plywood, metal overhangs, drip edge, wall cap flashings, gutters, and tubing. This product will also help prevent property damage. Useful for window cleaners, general contractors, and even homeowners.

Manufacturer Part NumberL1344


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  • how to use it

    The yellow clamp grips onto the gutter, and the hook is looped over one rail of your ladder and tightened.

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