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About the JFlint Mr. Hard Water Protectant Sealant

Mr. Hard Water Protective Sealant is an applied sealer that protects various surfaces from mineral deposit buildup. Safe to use on windows, shower doors, mirrors, metals, tile, fiberglass porcelain and plastic.

Mr. Hard Water Sealer protects shower enclosures against soap scum build up as well as hard water stains that can cause etching. The sealer makes regular maintenance cleaning much easier and takes less time as there is no build up to cut through. Easily applies with a foam applicator, microfiber towel, or absorbent sponge.

8 oz. covers 200 sq ft.

SEAL - 108 SEAL - 116 SEAL - 164
Manufacturer Part NumberSEAL - 108


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  • Is this safe for tinted commercial windows?

    We would not recommend this for tinted glass.

  • Is this product safe on all tile and grout? Also, does the haze easily come off as in the video?

    Hi Deb, yes it is safe to use on tile and grout, and depending on the level of build-up you have, you may need to tackle it once or twice more, but it comes off quite well with JFlint.

    Check out this video for more information:

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