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IPC Eagle

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OUT OF STOCK: IPC Eagle has discontinued the manufacturing of this unit, but if you need a multistage system, you can consider the XERO Pure.

The IPC Eagle HydroTube is a lightweight durable system that comes with a handheld TDS meter. It's extremely compact and portable due to its large rear wheels and lightweight frame. You can wheel it almost anywhere -- on sidewalks, grass, or any other terrain.

Weighing in at 28lbs, the HydroTube is easy to lift in and out of a truck or van. You can easily tuck it in a closet or in a small corner in your garage. This makes the HydroTube the perfect product for professional and residential window cleaners.

The HydroTube works with a water-fed pole for heights up to 3 stories without a pump. It also works on tap pressure only. Simply use your preferred water system to clean windows and high surfaces. The HydroTube runs one pole at a time and can be used upright or laying down. The HydroTube takes advantage of reverse osmosis to purify water.

Dimensions: 57 X 13 X 11 in

Manufacturer Part NumberHT


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  • How many stages of purification does it feature ?

    This system has 3 stages - carbon, DI, and RO. Filters are proprietary.

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