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About the Facelift Phantom Clamp Assembly
The new Phantom Clamps from Facelift are revolutionizing the way we look at water fed poles. Forget about sections turning or releasing while you work. These clamps are designed to be different.

Using a rubber polymer inner sleeve, they grip the section and won't let go. The rubber provides a non-slip surface in contact with the pole section. The all-over pressure ensures a solid hold while eliminating damage to the pole. Traditional clamps tend to bite into carbon fiber in an effort to hold it in place causing weak points and making it more likely to break.

These clamps also feature a lever that can be switched from left to right to fit your style. Simply bolt on these clamps, no glue is needed. Upgrade your pole today.

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  • Will these clamps work on Tucker Hi-Mod poles?

    Thanks for posting this question. The Phantom clamps will not work on the Tucker poles. These are specifically for the Phantom, Xero Pro Plus, and Xero Pro Standard water fed poles.

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