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About the Ettore Hybrid Brush

The Ettore Hybrid Brush is available in two lengths, 14 inch and 18 inch. The smaller brush has a single pair of high-quality brass jets, while the 18 inch has a double set for four total jets to spray away dirt and grime. This brush is the perfect combination of the tough scrubbing boar's hair with the mobility of nylon bristles. Attach this brush to the end of your Aquaclean pole and you're ready to clean!


  • 14 Inch Brush - 2 Jets
  • 18 Inch Brush - 4 Jets
  • Hybrid Construction

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  • Does the 18 inch brush come with two or four jets?

    The 14 inch has 2 jets. The 18 inch has 4 jets.

  • will this fit on my Xero pole?


  • Is there an option or an upgrade to exchange the jets for fans?

    Unfortunately no, there is no option like that available.

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