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About the Ettore Cleaning and Dusting Kit

A starter kit is a perfect way to get yourself oriented with new tools. This kit includes the basics to get you dusting and cleaning windows.

What is included:

You get one complete squeegee and one complete stripwasher. These tools let you soap up the window to remove dirt and squeegee them clean. The Ettore Compact Super Bucket is perfect for mixing up your window cleaning solution and keeping your tools organized when you aren't working. For dusting, you get the Ettore REA-C-H 8 foot pole and the Elite Cobweb Duster. Attach it to the end and destroy cobwebs. The MicroSwipe Towels are perfect for detailing away any drips or imperfections while you get used to window cleaning.


  • Ettore Complete ProGrip Comfort Quick Release Stainless Steel Channel Squeegee - 14 Inch
  • Ettore Complete Mighty Stripwasher - 14 Inch
  • Ettore Compact Super Bucket 
  • Ettore MicroSwipe Towel 10 Pack - Blue
  • Ettore Squeegee-Off Soap - 16 oz
  • Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber - 3 Foot Strip ( x 2 )
  • Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole 2 Section - 8 Foot 
  • Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster


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    • Do the squeegee and micro blades attach together for the super high area to reach or do I need to remove it and switch tools

      Only one tool can be used on the pole at a time.

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