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Ettore Aquaclean Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Pole

Ettore Aquaclean Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Pole

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Developed with the idea that you don't need to sacrifice weight for a rigid pole system, the Aquaclean pole was born. The creators at Ettore wanted to provide a durable and strong pole that was still relatively lightweight. They came up with the ingenious solution of using an aluminum outer tube to protect the inner carbon fiber sections of the pole.

Each pole comes complete with a 14" brush, angle adapter, and hose. The brush is the perfect combination of boar's hair and nylon bristles for strength and glide. The two jets blast away dirt and grime for spotless windows.

If something happens to your pole, a plethora of replacement parts are available to get it back in pristine condition quickly.

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  • The 25ft and 35ft poles. How long are they collapsed because I am wondering if they will fit in my Toyota Corolla

    They collapse down to about 6'. If you are looking for a shorter collapsed length, the Xero Micro is definitely the pole to buy. It collapses down to 54" and will easily fit in smaller vehicles.

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