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Regular price $41.38 USD
Regular price $41.38 USD Sale price $41.38 USD
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About the EaCo Chem Cleansol BC

Experience the power of EaCo Chem Clensol BC – an all-purpose alkaline cleanser designed to deliver an unparalleled deep clean on a variety of surfaces. From vinyl siding and awnings to painted metal, wood, EIFS, and more, Clensol BC tackles environmental staining flawlessly.


Highly dilutable, Cleansol BC allows cleaning professionals to customize their cleaning solutions according to the job requirements, maximizing profitability without compromising on quality.

Ideal for removing tough oxidation staining from industrial, governmental, educational, and residential buildings, the versatile Clensol BC is your go-to solution for a wide range of cleaning applications.

With its brushless application, this solution achieves superior results while minimizing labor and maximizing efficiency, ensuring an exceptional clean with every use.

Clensol BC is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and won't harm plants when used properly - making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious customers and businesses.

Designed to handle virtually any job without scrubbing, Clensol BC brings life back into molding, siding, decks, gutters, concrete, and awnings, delivering outstanding results without the need for laborious scrubbing or abrasives.


When handling Clensol BC, it is essential to wear goggles and chemical-resistant gloves to protect your eyes and skin from possible irritation. Avoid wearing contact lenses while using this product. In case of contact with clothes, wash them before re-wearing to prevent skin irritation.

Clensol BC works effectively in both hot and cold temperatures, providing consistent cleaning performance under various weather conditions. However, it should not exceed temperatures of 120°F to ensure optimal results.

***Do not use or put Cleansol BC on unpainted metal surfaces.


  • Fast rinsing, spot-free drying
  • Removes tough oxidation
  • All-purpose alkaline cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe on paint and glass
  • Deep-cleans virtually any surface without scrubbing
  • Highly dilutable
  • Brushless applictiom
  • Versatile
Manufacturer Part Number1GAL-CLEANSOL

Questions & Answers

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  • Can this Clensol bc be used on brass and copper?

    Hello, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately Cleansol BC is not recommended for any unpainted metal surfaces. You can see more product specs HERE

  • What dilution rate should I use for oxidation removal on a metal roof?

    For oxidation the dilution varies based on severity. 10:1 - 20:1 is an acceptable ratio of water to product. Always test a small area before full application.

  • What is the dilution rate

    First dilute 4:1 (water:product) and it is ready to use. Take this solution and dilute further down to 10 water : 1 Mixed solution for very soiled areas, and 20:1 for normal cleaning. Undiluted for gutters and downspouts.

  • should this product be used before or after a bleach softwash or pressure wash on vinyl siding?

    This product is designed to be the only chemical used, always test a small section before full application. We DO NOT recommend pairing with bleach. Please see the SDS form for this product.

  • Can you use this product on painted log cabins to remove the dirt buildups on the exterior without harming the paint?

  • I see that it must not be used on unpainted metal surfaces. Is it okay to use on factory color steel siding that hasn't been painted?

    Whenever using a new product on a new surface, we recomend testing a small area for desired results. Please refer to the SDS sheet.

  • Can you down stream it?

    Yes you can, but just be careful with the material you're using it on. EaCo Chem Cleansol BC mustn't be used on unpainted metal surfaces.

  • I have an orange film on vinyl clad windows and vinyl fencing. How can I remove this?

    Hi Charles, try taking the EaCo Chem Cleansol BC to it by:

    1. Diluting the product 4:1 (water to product) first to make it ready to use
    2. Do NOT add bleach
    3. Apply two quick applications without rinsing to treat it with a powered, low-pressurized system.
    4. Always rinse adequately with water after.

    Make sure you wear proper PPE to protect yourself from the chemical.

    For more details, please see this website for the Product Specs and the Cleansol BC SDS:


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