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Regular price $17.95 USD
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About the Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio-Clean is a safe and effective way to remove hard water spots and stains. Renew surfaces to a spotless clean. The unique formula in Bio-Clean is abrasive based so it can remove years of built-up spots. Trusted by cleaning professionals. This non-chemical, bio-degradable formula doesn't have any unfortunate scents or dangerous fumes. This all-in-one cleaner can remove soap scum, mildew, rust, limescale, iron, and even paint overspray. Use it to clean, seal, and maintain surfaces like shower doors, tubs, windows, tiles, marble, granite, brass, stone, porcelain, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more! It even removes minerals from brick and concrete. Clean up the grout work between tiles. Pick up this powerful cleaner to leave clients homes looking better than ever.


  • Bio-Degradable
  • Removes everything from Hard Water Stains to Rust and Mildew
  • Removes years of built-up spots
  • Trusted by Professionals
WST20 WST40-1-1
Manufacturer Part NumberWST20

Questions & Answers

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  • Can you use on an outboard boat motor cover

    If the outboard is made of one of the listed materials this is safe to use to clean, then yes this is a good choice for you.

  • Can it remove stains that have been there for years? I hear it can etch the glass causing permanent damage.

    Great question! Used improperly, most any stain remover can harm the surface you are cleaning. How well any chemical works does depend on proper use, and compatibility with the surface you are cleaning, for example, low-e glass might be hamed by this option. Please give us a call at 862-266-0677 so that we can learn a little more about the stains you are working on, and make the best product recomendation for your situation.

  • Where can this be purchased in SW Florida?

    You can purchase it from us and we will ship it to you in approximately 3-5 business days!

  • Is this product safe to use around pets?

    I wouldn't. It's best to wait until it's been cleaned off your surface completely before letting your pets near it.

  • Will this work on factory tinted windows.

    Hi Brent, it is absolutely fine to use on windows that have a tint applied in the factory between the panes. We would suggest however not applying it to a window with tint film applied. Always do a small spot check before using, too, just to make sure it's all good!

  • Will this product remove hard water residue from exterior windows?

    Yes, this will work.

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