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This solemn issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine opens with a reflective, yet optimistic look into the nation's recovery from the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Food and Environmental Service Director Sharon Palmer shares some stories about the bravery of the men and women in the incident and implores readers to donate to one of the many fundraisers.

Palmer also recounts the World Trade Center's background in terms of construction, what it was built for, and what it represents. Surprisingly, the towers appeared to have no windows. The columns were built with silver-colored aluminum alloy spaced 22 inches apart encased in glass. This kept all the windows sparkling and kept window cleaners from getting vertigo.

Michigan window cleaner Mark Reinhart broke into the window cleaning business by accident yet he managed to be very successful. Reinhart talks about his coincidental jump from supervising to squeegeeing and how he started his own company. Pulex was acquired by a large conglomerate and publisher Rich Fabry is here to interview Pulex all about the transition.


  • Learn some safety tips from the latest safety seminar in Seattle, Washington
  • Fabry emphasizes the extremely fast growth of technology
  • Mark Unger, one of three Unger brothers, is promoted to COO of Unger Enterprises
  • How to be cool, calm, and collected during a cold sales call


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