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New waterfed poles by Ettore are announced in this issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine. AQUA-REA-C-H is one of the new poles and is lightweight and made of powder-coated aluminum. Crystal Window Cleaning's John Baxter talks about zen and the art of professional window cleaning. Baxter shares the lessons he learned during his 12-year window cleaning career.

Royds and Sons' Luther Royds and Frank Brzozowski share helpful and practical tips for window cleaning and everyday life. Casual hints and tips aside, you can also learn some professional tips. Brian Keith & Company's Brian Keith Voiles offers four marketing tips for window cleaners. The first of many tips Voiles gives is to have great customer service which may inspire your clients to boast about your business.

Publisher Rich Fabry defines what a business truly is and how the definition differs from person to person. He emphasizes a few general suggestions everyone should follow to have a successful business which include knowing the basics, know where your business is headed, have a comfortable and well-organized work environment, and always protect yourself.


  • Learn about Ettore's new waterfed pole
  • Fabry gives his own definition of business
  • Royd's and Sons give some helpful window cleaning and everyday life tips
  • What having great customer service does to your window cleaning business

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