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Did you know the modern-day tool we know today as the squeegee has quite the ancient roots? The primitive version of the tool was created in ancient Greece between 400 and 500 B.C. In this 1986 issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine, you will learn how Ettore Gulio Steccone revolutionized the squeegee into what we know it as today!

In addition, Publisher Rod Woodward dishes out some useful tips to help window cleaners survive the winter months. As any window cleaner knows, the frigid temperatures of November and onward can get pretty painful and frustrating. Some tips Woodward talks about are what kinds of gloves to use, which handles are the best, and even how to utilize a PVC pipe to your advantage!

Judy Suval, author of "How to Start a Window Cleaning Business," advises on how to make and distribute business cards to spread the word about your services. You may be the best window cleaner in town, but it doesn't mean much if you can't land any clients! Suval is one of many experts to offer their knowledge and know-how to this magazine.


  • Learn about the history of the squeegee and how it evolved over time
  • Meet Window Cleaners of the Month Mr. January and Mr. February
  • Find out how to spread your services with the magic of business cards
  • Review the information on chair work for proper harness usage to prevent accidents


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