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Automating your business is a thing of the present, helping millions of business owners across the globe! Austin Grubbs dives into the topic, talking about the pitfalls, the obstacles, and the rewards that automation can provide. "If you automate your business, you still have to work. But, when you leave, it still works for you."

The AWC Magazine editor's got an exciting article in this month of August, all about learning to sell. This may be the most critical skill in your entire career, next to squeegee pulling, of course! Everything you do is sales-related, and all it means is explaining to someone what the best option is for them. Just remember: selling isn't a bad word, and you want customers to choose you no matter what the price is.

Caitlin Bagley talks about her top 5 business tips, which range from gathering new clients while maintaining your existing ones to managing your employees when you've got a lot on your plate. Insurance, branding, uniforms, social media engagement, and email marketing are all considerations one should take into account when developing their company. Creating trust among customers is helped by using the right marketing strategies!


  • Bullet-proof onboarding with efficient interviewing, automated filtering, and the ABC method, or "Always Be 'Cruitin"
  • Travel down memory lane and growing up with window cleaning with Craig Hendzel & Grace Gerengher in "Joe's Deli"
  • Michael Draper's "4 Changes to RDS Safe Practices" that may be different than what a window cleaner would typically do

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