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Bidding on windows for small offices and storefronts could be a tedious task. That topic is explored among many others in this issue of the American Window Cleaner. The teenage daughter of window cleaner Amy Fanning happily reflects on the positive influence her mother's profession had on her. Steve Cowell humorously reviews each window cleaner personality, expanding upon his quiz from the last issue.

Publisher Richard Fabry discusses the 25th annual convention and trade show of the Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI). He also analyzes the characteristics of what makes a great writer and describes what it takes to create the turn-paging AWC issues. The International Window Cleaning Association offered a new partnership with our very own AWC magazine.

Christopher "Quickdraw" Drew advises on the best cleaning solutions on the market and how to safely handle them. Dave Wells of Zipper Software enthusiastically explains how beneficial a computer can be to a window cleaner. Window Cleaning veteran Jack Fitch speaks on the evolution of cleaning equipment throughout the years and how it transformed into what it is today.


  • Learn how to increase your income with a few simple tips
  • Window cleaner Steve Cowell hilariously goes through the major personality types
  • See what the best kind of cleaning solutions are and how to handle them
  • Meet Window Cleaner of the Month Scott McKee


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