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Dan Platta informs us about setting up your QuickBooks the right way, so your data can be organized for you to make sound financial decisions. Platta goes over having a balance sheet vs. a profit and loss sheet and what it needs to capture for the best outcomes including the cost of goods sold, advertising and marketing, administrative overhead, and more!

Struggling with organizing your workflow? Grace Gerengher lays it out for us! She advises window cleaners to consider their strengths and weaknesses for managing their work most efficiently. Getting to know your clients' patterns is also very important when it comes to efficiency, as your goal is to maximize the work you can get done. The more experience you gain in the industry, the easier everything will come.

Don't get stuck with hefty out-of-pocket payments. Caitlin Bagley shows us that insurance doesn't have to be a headache to figure out. She provides advice on common claims, policy coverage, and advice on where to get the most ideal insurance. Get yourself covered with Caitlin.


  • Catch the Squeegee Life podcast where T-Squeegee, Marc Tanner, Tim Huber, and Seth Byers get real about the grind and even more real about hanging out!
  • Rebuild your referral system, because "One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." - Jim Rohn
  • Gabe Gutierrez drops some wisdom on us about providing an experience for the customer rather than just another service. Make your company stand out by creating trust, respect, and personal interest.

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